During the week our family (i.e., author of Anglican Rose & this blog) sings, prays, and studies the Christian faith according to the 1928 American Prayer Book and 1902 Standard Bible. Our Leaflet and Newsletter (bottom-right sidebar) is an attempt to gather like-minded friends and families from the Rosegarden, Glenmoor, and other neighborhoods within the South Bay Area (Santa Clara, San Jose, Fremont, and Hayward). We are not self-sufficient but seek those who want to carry each other’s burdens, watch one another against sin, and rebuke each other in love– encouraging vital lay agency, “churchly” or not.

The Bartlett’s fellowship is preferably with conservative low-churchmen and similar Protestants. As Wesley reminded his Methodist people, “the first Message of all our Preachers is to the lost Sheep of the Church of England”. Our little company does Evening Prayer most frequently on Sunday afternoons. Otherwise, we worship with others at several abodes, including the Friends’ Meeting House in San Jose. We hope to mend those broken sprigs which once adorned and grew in our native Church, even the troubled ideal of a United Church.

Also, if you live in the Far West, we are happy to personally visit. Please contact us for more information: